Spring Creek Sod grows, delivers and intalls high quality sod for Commercial Use. For large turf jobs, we are pleased to provide Big Roll Harvesting, which produce turf rolls approximately 420 square feet. Big Rolls from Spring Creek Sod provide high quality and installation that is more efficient. Since installation is used by our laying machines, it does the lifting and placement of the sod; saving both time and labor. It also provides a smoother surface, and 66% less seams to prevent drying of your sod. By placing the sod down faster, it’s gives the turf less stress because you are able to provide the sod with water more quickly. The big rolls stay in place due to the size of the roll, and they are ready for play more quickly than other turf installation methods.


Sring Creek Sod grows, delivers and installs high quality sod for Residential Use.

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